Seminar Series Calendar

Math Co-Integrate Seminar Series: Dr. Kaitlin Torphy

Co-Integrate Mathematics Series: Dominguez & Crespo

Special presentation: Barbara Ericson (Georgia Tech)

AIMS: Access, Agency, and Allies in Mathematical Systems

Dr. Stephanie Vasko: Examining Responsible Innovation at the Chemistry/Design Interface

CREATE Presentation: Charles Henderson

CREATE Presentation: Mike Stieff

CREATE Presentation: Mark Guzdial

CREATE Presentation: Rebecca Jordan

Co-Integrate Mathematics: Andy Krause and Jeffrey Craig

CREATE Science Speaker: Paula Hooper

CREATE Science Speaker: Michelle Wilkerson

CREATE Science Speaker: John Krupczak

CREATE Science Speaker: Ayush Gupta

Co-Integrate Session: Kristen Bieda

CREATE Science Speaker: Erin Furtak

CREATE Science Speaker: Heidi Ballard

CREATE Science Speaker: Cindy Hmelo-Silver

CREATE Science Speaker: Stacey Lowery Bretz

Science Speaker Series: Louise Archer, King's College London

Co-Integrate Mathematics: Andrew Krause

MSU Mathematics Education Colloquium talk series to be presented by Dr. Maisie Gholson

Works-in-Progress Session: assessing interdisciplinary thinking among undergraduate students: Mashood Kandiyil

Co-Integrate Series Session: Hyman Bass, University of Michigan

Works-in-Progress Session: Andrea Bierema

Mathematics Education Colloquium: Brent Davis

CREATE Special Presentation: David Fortus

Mathematics Education Colloquium: Kara Jackson

Works-in-Progress Session

Works-in-Progress Session

CREATE Science Seminar: Jomo Mutegi

Co-Integrate Math Talk - Sandy Callis

Math Education Colloquium: Dr. Erika Bullock

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Kristen Renn, Robin Rennie, R. Sekhar Chivukula

Mathematics Education Colloquium: Fran Arbaugh

Special Seminar (Organic Chemistry): Dr. Thomas Holme (Iowa State)

Works In Progress Brown Bag Presentation - Becky Matz

Works In Progress Brown Bag Presentation - Abe Edwards

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Kimberly Fenn

Co-Integrate Mathematics: Mariana Levin, Jack Smith, & Aaron Levin

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Emily Bouck

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Young-Gon Bae

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Beth Herbel-Eisenmann

Co-Integrate Mathematics Seminar: Amy Parks

CREATE Science Seminar: Stephen Kanim

CREATE Science Seminar: Matt Hora

CREATE Science Seminar: Michael C. Loui

CREATE Science Seminar: Rosemary Russ

CREATE Science Seminar: Eve Manz

CREATE Science Seminar: Vicente Talanquer

CREATE Science Seminar: Jennifer Frederick

CREATE Science Seminar: Philip Bell

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speakers: Vince Melfi, Dave Bramer, Jeff Craig, Abe Edwards, Andy Krause, and Amanda Lorenz

Create Math Seminar Series Speaker: Maria Johansson

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Planning for Next Year/Ice Cream Social

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Alan Kiste

Lunch with Dr. Ron Gray

Lunch with Dr. Noah Feinstein

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Noah Feinstein

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Orit Ben Zvi Assaraf

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Dr. Vashti Sawtelle

Lunch with Dr. Stephanie Vasko

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: NARST practice presentations

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Andrea Bierema, Ph.D.

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Brian Couch

Breakfast with Dr. Eric Brewe

Breakfast with Dr. Jonathan Osborne

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Angie Calabrese Barton and Research Group

Co-Integrate Math Speaker Series: Jeanne Wald, Teena Gerhardt, Benjamin Schmidt

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Thomas Deits

Co-Integrate Math Speaker Series: Niral Shah

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Frances Harper

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: Sonia Underwood

Work-in-Progress Brown Bag Presentation: J.T. Laverty and Becky Matz

Breakfast with Dr. David Fortus

Breakfast with Dr. Helen Quinn

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speaker: Andrew Krause and the math TA mentoring program

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speakers: A.J. Edson

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Casey O'Donnell

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Stephanie Vasko

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speakers: Tonya Bartell and Corey Drake

Co-Integrated Math Seminar Series Speaker: Sharon Senk and the PTA project

Co-Integrate Math Seminar Series Speakers: Higinio Dominguez, Kenneth Bradfield, Jose Martinez

Create Science Seminar Series: Panel on Modeling K-16

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Helen Quinn

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Ron Gray

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Leema Berland

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Eric Brewe

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: David Fortus

Create Science Seminar Series Speaker: Jonathan Osborne

Breakfast with Dr. Paula R.L. Heron

Breakfast with Dr. Michal Zion

Breakfast with Cory Buxton

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Cory Buxton

Breakfast with Dr. Christopher Emdin

CREATE Science Seminar Series: NARST Practice Presentations

CREATE Science Seminar: Michal Zion

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Mike Stieff

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Danny Caballero and David Stroupe

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Paula Heron

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Bill Penuel

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Christopher Emdin

Lunch & Meetings with Dr. Ellen Yezierski

Breakfast with Professor Mike Dubson

Ellen J. Yezierski - CREATE Science Seminar

Mike Dubson: Transforming Teaching in a Physics Department

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Leona Schauble

Designing Next Generation Science Classroom Assessments

Chris Atchison - CREATE Science Seminar

Mark Windschitl Talk: What’s at the Core of Ambitious Science Teaching?

Create Seminar Series: Alicia Alonzo & Alex Robinson - Building on Students' Intuitive Ideas about Motion

CREATE Science Seminar Series: Nicole Becker

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