NGSS Curricula Is For All Teachers: Use Our Roadmaps!

Health in Our Hands (HiOH) was recently featured in a blog and webinar hosted by THE Journal and STEAM Universe. Research associate Idit Adler and project manager Renee Bayer were invited to talk about how the project-based curriculum, HiOH, brings the vision of the NGSS into classrooms using Roadmap. Partnering with Professor Elliot Soloway at the University of Michigan College of Engineering we shared our experience about how teachers can use HiOH and its visualization through RoadMap technology to shift their instructional practices to align with NGSS. THE Journal is dedicated to K12 educational technology.

HiOH is a research project led by CREATE for STEM Institute at Michigan State University in a community-academic-school partnership, supported by the National Institutes of Health Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA). Designed to meet NGSS, HiOH is a coordinated set of classroom and community activities intended to give youth and adults an understanding of modern concepts in genetics using diabetes and addiction as real-world contexts.  Students and their families can use these concepts to appreciate the importance of both genetic and environmental factors in their risk for disease.