HiOH Teams Up with University of Michigan-Flint for Health Summit 2024

Community and University Partners judging 8th grader community action projects
January 19, 2024

Eighth graders from Flint Community Schools reported the findings from their Community Action Research Projects to answer the question, “How can we work together to make our community healthier?” Their class had completed the “Health in Our Hands: How Can Looking for Thrills Make Me Miserable?”” curriculum in science class which explores the biology of substance use disorder (SUD) and behavioral addictions and examines the role of genetics and the brain’s reward system in their risk for SUD.   

For their final project, the students from Holmes STEM Middle School Academy  conducted original research to improve their school community to help prevent or reduce behavioral addictions. They created a survey to gather data about their health behaviors to study the effect of sleep, nutrition, exercise and hygiene on their well-being. Over winter break, students logged in each day to complete the survey.  When they got back to class, they analyzed the data in teams and created graphs and posters for presentation at the SUD Health Summit. 
During the SUD Health Summit, 30 students presented to about 30 adult volunteers who listened carefully to results and recommendations and celebrated their accomplishments. The Health Summit was hosted by University of Michigan-Flint Office of K-12 Partnerships. The Office organized a tour of the campus led by the Office of Admissions and a STEM Career Fair where students were introduced to programs, clubs and community organizations concerned with health and STEM.  The students left with smiles and a “swag” bag full of information, pens and other free goodies donated by partner organizations from. 

The Health Summit is a collaborative effort organized by the Health in Our Hands-Flint/Genesee Partnership, a coalition of community, health, and education organizations dedicated to achieving success and sustainability of Health In Our Hands in Flint and beyond. 

Many community  organizations and individuals made this event a big success through their generous contributions:  University of Michigan - Flint K-12 Partnerships (Dr. Suzanne Knight & Laura Martin); University of Michigan - Flint Marketing (Logan McGardy); Swag bag donations from Flint Community Schools, Genesee County Prevention Coalition,  MiSTEM Network, UM-Flint K-12 Partnerships; Teri Jones, the talented teacher and her 8th grade classes from Flint Community Schools; Parents and family members who support their scholars; All our wonderful volunteers! 

Find more information about the health summit by clicking on the news coverage from University of Michigan - Flint Press Release, ABC12 News and MidMichiganNow.