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CREATE for STEM Institute at Michigan State University in collaboration with the Health in Our Hands-Flint/Genesee Partnership is funded by a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA), National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) of the National Institutes of Health to develop a new generation of learning materials.


Health in Our Hands (HiOH) connects the science classroom to the community to give youth and adults an understanding of modern concepts in genetics. Designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards, HiOH curriculum uses Community-Inspired Project-Based Learning.


Partners from school districts, health-related organizations, and community-based organizations have been involved in every phase of the project including curriculum design, classroom activities, community action projects, health summit planning, analysis and dissemination of results.
Health Summit

Health Summit

Every unit of Health in Our Hands culminates in a Health Summit which provides a platform for students to share the results of their community action research projects and suggestions with the wider community. The HiOH-Flint/Genesee Partners, teachers, and project staff organize these district-wide or cross-district events.
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What a  great time to celebrate! The Health in Our Hands (HiOH) Team brought together the HiOH Flint Genesee Partnership (FGP) to share all of our accomplishments! The celebration was attended by 23 people from 14 different organizations. 

Health in Our Hands Middle School Life Science Professional Learning Workshop Series! FREE with Funding from the National Institutes of Health!