Health in Our Hands-Flint/Genesee Partnership


Partners from school districts, health-related organizations, and community-based organizations have been involved in every phase of the project including curriculum design, classroom activities, community action projects, health summit planning, analysis and dissemination of results.

Project Partners

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Health in Our Hands-Flint/Genesee Partnership

In Flint and Genesee County, HiOH community action projects and health summit events have acted as a powerful vehicle to build support among school district and community members.  This support is best demonstrated by the emergence of a consortium of community-based, health-related and education organizations.

Following the excitement generated by health summit events, the group was convened by the science director of the Genesee intermediate school district in January 2018 and has subsequently coalesced into a consortium, the Health in Our Hands-Flint/Genesee Partnership (HIOH-FGP). The intent of HiOH-FGP is to grow and sustain the HIOH educational program in Flint and beyond.

In its first year, the partnership worked together to submit a proposal for a new round of funding to the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) at National Institutes of Health in July (see news article here), and held a “kickoff” to garner support and build membership in October.

In its second year, partners organized two health summits in June 2019. The SEPA proposal was funded in August 2019. In the fall, partners worked with the project team to develop a community of practice model  to describe our work together (see Current Projects). We were in the midst of planning health summits when COVID19 struck and schools closed in March 2020.

Mission: Connecting the science classroom to community health through student centered learning and action research.

Vision: Youth empowered by science to improve health, advance careers, and promote community well-being.

HiOH-FGP Members roles:

  • Represent their organization at partnership meetings;
  • Support the health education component in the classroom and at Health Summit;
  • Expand program impact through additional community service or after-school/summer program experiences;
  • Volunteer as a symposium judge or workshop speaker;
  • Participate in grant writing and fundraising planning; and
  • Oversee program evaluation.

Ways to Support HiOH

  • Attend monthly partnership meetings
  • Help organize the Health Summit
  • Provide in-kind donations for healthy food for lunch or snacks, supplies and incentives
  • Serve as classroom and community research project expert/mentor
  • Expand program impact through additional community service or after-school/summer program experiences
  • Become a Health in Our Hands program sponsor
  • Assist with grant writing and fundraising
  • Link to HiOH/FGP member form